Inspiration From RedWinged Blackbird

It's been 3 weeks of school and thank God, everything's fine :)

My literature class's been okay, no problems yet. Got a B+ for my comprehension questions. My physics class.. it's okay (i guess :P). And yes, my studio class that I, sadly, failed last year because of some family matter and now I take it again, has been great! Thank God my professor is not as strict and rigid and uptight and.. you got the point. So, it's been great. For my first project of my studio class, we have to design a bird blind in Central Park Reservoir up in 90th Street. I proposed a concept about noise through my own experience. The design that i made is pretty simple, TOO SIMPLE i think; but as long the professor accepts my concept, i am fine. :P

That's my model right there. I probably have to thank Red Winged Blackbird because I kinda attracted to its color. That's why i chose black & red color for my model.

Hmm.. what else to talk about? :\ The final for this project is on this Tuesday, 5th October. I'm hoping to get at least B+/A- for this~

Bismillah Ya Allah!

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