it felt like a dejavu, but this time
it was worst than it was before

i broke my own promises
just because i trusted you
i should have believed my instinct
not to be blinded by my heart

it became my worst nightmare
after i believed at myself it would be okay
because it's you

but in fact you're just the same


A Fine Long Weekend

So, so, so?? how was your weekend; long weekend (for the US people)?? hahak it was surely a hell-lot-of-fun long weekend for me! But i just cant wait to go back to class so i can get it over with. My summer classes were oke i guess. Philosophy was really inspiring.. it's really an interesting class! We get to see how our mind works, like we have to question everything that we see. Like how could a pencil or a pen got bent went we put it in a glass, and stuff like that.. i dunno, i'm still a beginner on this subject, feel free to correct me people! :) And the other one is writing class. Yep, unfortunately, i failed the class and HAVE, wait, MUST TO TAKE IT AGAIN! I was deciding to take it this fall, but i rather finish that class now, so yeah. I think i learn more in this class rather than the previous class. Maybe because the teacher is more strict and scary, well.. he's the head of the english department so what am i hoping for, right? haha

Let's talk about my long weekend! I went to Brisko's house to just play around and do my work because on Sunday i went to Harriman. But before that! I have really an unfortunate event due to Aisha's fickle mind -______- well yeah, i'm kinda pissed at that but i'm okay now. Just promise me one thing Sha, never do that again. hahah! Awas lu, gue lempar ke Hudson River ntar! Further on~ i stay around at Brisko's house until 8.30ish pm i think and went to Playwright at 35th street between 5th and 6th avenue to watch an UFC fight (it's really not my thing, but i just dont wanna be alone that night ). We watched the fight until 1 am, went home and i directly went to bed. I felt so tired that night.. i think it's because of the anger from Aisha's fickle mind that made me wait for 30minutos with my heavy laptop in 71st Ave Queens. DAMN YOU AISHA! DAMN YOU! And on Sunday, Brisko and i went to Harriman to shop! WOOT WOOOOOTT~~~ we took the NJ Transit from Penn Station and went there for about 1.15 hour-ish. It wasnt long actually, the train was right on time and no delay; it was NOICE. We shopped for about 7 hours i think, plus lunch and snack time, haha. I bought these 2 heels that are really sick (lol) and a dress for Brisko's and Aisha's graduation and a belt. Guess what? Brisko bought like 5 items. I was like... "how come you shop more than me?!!" it was a fun day

And todaaayyy~ the last day of the long weekend (dang it!) I went to Brisko's and Aisha's graduation at the Madison Square Garden with Brisko's mom, Aisha's mom, Omar, Mischa, Ema, Sharon, Nanda, Ponti and Arya. I was soooo proud of both of them! The ceremony was a bit too long tho, and i haven't had breakfast and to top it off, i had stomachache.. ngeh! But it was all GOOD, we went to T.G.I Friday after the ceremony and talks about stuff. I'm jealous of Brisko though.. Arya gave him a graduation gift which was The Sims 3 Ambition.. DAMN YOUU!!! GIVE IT TO MEEEHHHH!!! fark~

So yep, that's my weekend. :)
How's yours?