hahahah! i'm in the mood for making a new header for my blog :p
alright, gotta go!
meeting with Ema
probably going to window shop or better, shopping!



Days of Summer

Well, Hello! Hello!

It had been a great vacation/escape/relaxation/birthday/family month for me! Now i know why i decided to go back for a little while. My family is my key to everything. They have given me new perception, feelings, knowledge and of course they made me more realize how precious my family is. That is, what i gave to you, my absolute reason why i decided to go back home.

For my fellow dear friends, i'm sorry i didn't tell some of you that i'm actually in Jakarta for about two months. I have my own reasons :P I'm very very sorry though! haha!

Hm, let see.. what are my highlights of my vacation/escape/relaxation/birthday/family month:

1. 3 Days of GILI Paradiso Islands:

2. Hillbillies from CUBADAK Island:

3. The everyday Unstoppable Laughs from the Tachril bunch
4. Finding out more of my baby photos:

5. BIRTHDAYS! Mine and my grandma's
6. Sister's bonding tiiimmeee:

7. Having the Holy month of Ramadhan here with the Tachril Bunch!
8. HIMYM Marathon from Mas Arif's HDs
9. Go shopping with my Mom
10. and of course, go biking with Daddy on those crazy roads with those crazy motorbikes:

*i'm at the back, lol

So it had been a great last month of summer for me! A day to go to enjoy my summer, my vacation, my escape, my.. -yeah, i'm gonna stop. It is starting to get really corny and annoying.