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Yep, yep. Tomorrow is the final for the first project: Bird Blind. My model is done, and now i have to do multiple drawings, such as correcting my section cuts drawings, correcting my axonometric, create more interior perspective drawings, aaaannnddd..... oh, make another diagrams.

Woohhoo! I dont know why but i feel this is the second time that i like my model. The first one is the water temple that i built years ago. I posted it too. And this is my second time i post my creation! :)

the whole site + model

the entrance through the contours

Hellzzz yeeeaaayyyhhhh!!

Now, i'm waiting for Emaisewati (read: Ema) to finish her class at 17.30 and then i'm going to get late lunch/early dinner at Ramen Kuidouraku.

Nyom, Nyom, Nyamen! :9

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