I am back in the States!

Ups! Yeah.. forgot about this :P

So, yeah, I'm back in one of the busiest cities in the world, New York City, after prolly eight months of Indonesia. As I said from the last post, i really glad that i had that vacation. However, i am really glad that i'm back in the States again. No hard feelings Indonesia, but i just have to come back. Well, i'm still in my homesick moment, especially my siblings! but who knew that I actually miss New York's own busiest noise ever. It just came to my mind when i was walking to the subway after class prolly like.. 3 weeks ago. I was searching my earphone in my bag and waiting for the lights to change to green, then.. there it was: New York's busy people surrounding Columbus Circle Street.

Then I just smiled while searching for Mumford & Sons on my iPhone. I don't know, it's really weird for me to realize this kinda thing. I didn't know that :) I felt really blessed these days that I am living and studying here -at the moment ;P

Gudnite! :D

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