"I'm sorry
Two words I always think
After you've gone
When I realize I was acting all wrong

So selfish
Two words that could describe
Oh actions of mine
When patience is in short supply

We don't need to say goodbye
We don't need to fight and cry
Oh we, we could hold each other tight tonight

We're so helpless
We're slaves to our impulses
We're afraid of our emotions
And no one knows where the shore is
We're divided by the ocean
And the only thing I know is
That the answer isn't for us
No the answer isn't for us

I'm sorry
Two words I always think
Oh after you've gone
When I realize I was acting all wrong

We don't need to say goodbye
We don't need to fight and cry
We, we could hold each other tight tonight
Tonight... "


Windy Spring Break



W00T W00T!!

but, dang it! it's always like this.. i'm the only one (with Yogi) who's already on break but everyone's still busy with midterms and works. DANG IT! how can i enjoy my break with my frieeeennddss?!?!?!? well, i've been enjoying my break with my new iMac & Sims 3 in it :9 but i need to get away! I want to stroll around the city but in a sunny day and NO WIND PLEASE! -___- these couple of days have been gloomy! rain everywhere! Shieyt.. I dunno, the city magically turned into a gloomy city when Naomi decided to go back to Indonesia for good :(

we miss you so much, NamNam :(

Hm, what to talk? what to talk? ~____~ i wanna go back playing Sims 3 again, but i think i played to much.....



Back To Bahasa!

Gilak, udah lama juga ya gue nulis blog ini. hihi. Gak kebayang udah setahun! Waktu cepet banget berlalu *weess~*. Barusan iseng, liat blog nya anak-anak yang lain, aka Chami's and Aisha's. ahhaha! Kocak yak.. seneng deh ngeliat memori-memori masa lalu, gak masa lalu sih.. gue lebay aja. MEMORI TAHUN LALU, deh. What about my blog? Urrgghh.. dunno where to start.

Yep, salah satu gue mulai blog ini karna gue abis putus trus gak ada kerjaan, jadinya keinget2 melulu. Eh! alhasil blog ini ngebantu supaya pelan2 let him go and accept the situation. NOICE! Seneng banget bisa ngeliat progress kayak gtu. ME LIKEY! tapi setelah disadari.. kebanyakan blog post gue tentang cintrong! hauhauha, ya gak cintrong smua sih. tapi kebanyakan begitu. NAMI ORANGNYA SUKA ASAL CURHAT!

Kadang-kadang gue suka ngerasa gue nipu diri sendiri ke orang-orang sekitar gue deh. Yang gue kasih liat ke orang-orang adalah.. Nami selalu ceria, Nami gak pernah stress, Nami gak punya masalah, Nami always takes everything calmly, Nami.. Nami.. Nami. Tapi menurut gue sndiri, kayaknye gue gak begitu. Gak emo nih, mentang-mentang rambut pendek trus kayak emo, hahaha! tapi engga. Emang sih, setiap orang pasti dua pribadi yang suka diumpetin dari orang-orang sekitar. Contohnya satu orang yang baiiikk banget sama semuanya, tapi sebenernya dia nutupin masalah dia supaya orang gak ada yang tau dia kenapa. Ato gak kayak, bersikap kuat, cool, jagoan, tapi ternyata ada juga sisi sensitif yang bisa ngebuat dia nangis kayak bayi ditinggal ibunya. Manusia itu UNIK! Gue setuju banget sama statement itu. Yah bisa dibilang kayak.. cover buku nya jelek, tapi isinya seru. Ato kebalikannya. Eyh~ gile banget deh gue. Ada apa? xD

Ngomong apaan lagi ya? Tadi perasaan ngetiknya cepeeett banget, kayak gak usah pake mikir. Sekarang juga sih, kayak lagi doodling-doodling on a piece of paper. Tapi ini di internet, lebih tepatnya blog gue sendiri. Oh iya! gue pun juga udah gak pernah nulis diary aka journal. I used to have a journal in every year. Why not now? :\ gue beli journal malah jadi tempat untuk nyatat-nyatat tugas kuliah. Journal gue yang dulu gue jadiin recipe book. hehe. Am I getting older tho? Maka dari itu gue jadi gak mau nulis journal lagi? Emang ada hubungannya sama tambah umur dan gak mau nulis diary?

Mungkin karna gue udah gak mau nulis-nulis kesalahan dan kebenaran yang pernah gue lakuin untuk diingat-ingat. Mungkin sekarang gue udah mau menerima semuanya dengan ikhlas. Gak ada lagi yang buka halaman lama untuk mengingat kejadian jelek. Mungkin gak sih? Kadang-kadang gue pengen punya psychiatrist untuk ngasih tau gue kenapa dan apa yang lagi gue pikirin deh. Eh, itu psychiatris ato apa sih? Biar tinggal pencet speed dial, dan curhat semuanya. Terus dia yang ngasih tau gue lagi kenapa dan ada apa dengan gue. Biar gampang semuanya, gak usah otak-atik pikiran biar tenang. Tapi, klo punya psychiatrist berarti rada.. em, rada-rada dong? Gak kan ya? Bu, boleh punya gak? HAHAHAHA!!


i'm.. short (haired)

yep, last saturday i decided to cut my hair short. like short short. aaannnnndddddd even though it kinda look like an emo type of hairstyle, but it really is not. ahhaha, i asked the hairstylist to cut it just like Carey Mulligan's pixie hair.. but ended up with this hair. If my hair is wet, its kinda look like Meg Ryan's hair. Well.. i dunno, i like it.



do you agree? :P

*it's fine to brag about yourself one at a time. hehe*


ik houd van mijn zusters!

A sister is a forever friend.
~Author Unknown

Sister to sister we will always be,
A couple of nuts off the family tree.
~Author Unknown

The best thing about having a sister
was that I always had a friend.
~Cali Rae Turner



am i wishing?



looking at those tears strolling down your face,
listening to your pain inside your heart,

your stuffed nose,
your puffy eyes,
your wet cheeks,

i could not forget how i was when i was in that situation.

getting involve with love can be both lovely and painful.
who knew the risks you have to deal after.
how can we deal with those risks without a manual to tell us?

red, because of crying
red, because of love
people go to sleep when they're sleepy.
turns out exercising math problems made me awake.

well, a little bit.



i found it sweet
that every time i search the image "hug" or "kiss",

i found

someone is hugging or kissing someone
just like the way

you did to me.