i feel like uploading this picture too..




1. finals!
2. little break
3. summer class
4. watch Santogold's concert with Aisha - if she's still up for it

5. the end of summer class - FINAL AGAIN

7. All Point West Festival :
Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Arctic Monkeys, Vampire Weekend, Beastie Boys, The Ting Tings,
My Bloody Valentine, Tokyo Police Club, Chairlift, etc

8. INCUBUS LIVE IN CONCERT on 4 & 5 AUGUST! - Should i watch them again?

9. Go back to Indonesia~!


lower your eyelids to die with the sun

*slurping my Lady Grey Tea*

hey hey! it has been a long time since i really really write my blog. kinda feel like it, but kinda lazy too. so! what's up? what's up? :]

my final exams are 2 weeks away! i supposed to be all stressed out but i'm still laying around, smiling here and there, sleeping half day, sleep over at Aisha's and Jovan's place, filling out my blog with this. The fact that i know i'm slowing down in my studies and i don't even want to do all of my work and now i'm writing it down so you readers can know.. ha, how ironic. yep, that's me.. a lazy bum


maybe i'm superstitious, but everytime i dream about something serious i always think about that dream so much. Like, i want to know what it means. Well, i heard that if you dream about someone's dying that means that person will live a long life. It's just like the opposite of the dream. But, if you dream about someone from your past... can you say you miss them? or maybe unexpectedly, your whole body thinks about this particular someone and yourself is in denial?

I like dreams. Dreams are cool. Wait, what i mean was night dreaming... not about what do you want to be when you're grown up. Haha..

I wrote about dream before in my first blog. What brings me to wrote about this was pretty much the same as the old one. 'Cos of someone from my past.

....Who cares? hahhaha! Well, i care about every dream has its own meaning and i want to know every meaning of it. Is someone psychic? Call me and we have to meet! :9

Dreams often portray events which are impossible or unlikely in
physical reality, and are usually outside the control of the dreamer

Sometimes people make mistakes that they really really regrets and they want to go back to where they have made those mistakes. Unfortunately, time travel has not yet been discovered. So maybe saying sorry is a one step to ask for forgiveness? :(


A Peculiar Life;


if you're interested to listen to the song, download this song from the url given below~


enjoy! :D



i feel like uploading this picture.


Girl : "You think I'm perfect?"

Boy : "I think you're mad. That's why you're perfect for me"


"You, by yourself, early sign
That you'd been searching for
To change your life
There, by your side, I was looking
For this world
That you had somehow tried
Then right before my eyes
I felt it
My heart was pure
And I wanted more

So I wait for signs to feel
You offered me the chance
To see what's real
And I wanted all you had
So I close my eyes
And see things from the past
I just laugh
And I know I'll be....

All these years
That I blamed on the world
Was really me
Just falling far below

And now time is a course
Looking back on me
And I can't change its course

So I wonder how this works
I'm telling you
My heart is pure
And I wanted more
So I wait for signs to feel
You offered me the chance
To see what’s real
And I wanted all you had
So I close my eyes
And see things from the past

And I wanted all you had
So I close my eyes
And see things from the past
I just laugh
And I know I’ll be…."

By Low vs. Diamond "I'll Be"



my brothers & sisters

aura & rhea

dira, dinda, cassey & farah

cindy, tara, vania & aakriti


temen2 kumpulan safari; nelson, michael & (minus) andry

aisha, chami, wina, kiki & (minus) naomi

aidil, inchas & jovan

eja, junda, sigit & ridwan

Didid, Iman, Wesley, Haidhar, dan yang lainnya yg lupa dsebut
*maap gak dtaro potonya*

i really really miss hanging out with you and of course, especially..

my mom & dad.
love & miss you :)


Dear Cupid

"Oh Cupid, I am but a mere mortal
that calls you, bringing a small proposal
Please do something for me
that I hope would bring a better future to be

The winds sings her name in such beautiful tune
As I listen to the song all afternoon
Every night her voice carved me a huge smile
how wonderful this feeling I haven't felt for a while

Oh Cupid sway her with your wine of hearts
whisper her my name in your many arts
paralyze her with your potion
make her think of me in her every motion

I have not the luxury to see
But every picture and every word of her made me glee
Eyes like stars that shines in the sky
a smile like the crescent moon covering her shy

Her hair so beautiful as the lush earth
compliments the face that shines like the sun
Oh Cupid, what have you done?

No Roses, Daisies, nor Lilies compare to her beauty
as her voice so soft and lovely
A maiden so strong that could hold a sword an shield
yet to see her dance convinced me there are no arms I need to wield

Oh Cupid make my name music to her ears
sing my letters and make her see them like flowers in her eyes

Steal away Morpheus' drink of dreams
and mix it with a potion of passion
shine her with Aphrodite's beam of gleams
but don't give her Enigma's poison of confusion

I shall welcome her with Apollo's warmth
and embrace her as Athena keeps us from harm
throw her with your darts of romance
as you've shook my heart with her voice to dance

Oh Cupid I will keep her dearly
as we brought differences voluntarily
make her look at me with divine clarity
shoot her with your arrow of love

point her to me
give her to me
I would not surrneder to non any
If i could have her heart for me and me only"

By Raka Siga Panji Pradsmadji


Odd Red Light

2 days ago, i was crossing the street between 2nd & 3rd St on 2nd avenue with (D)Jovan *read DJ-ovan* and suddenly the both of us stopped on the middle of the street because there's something odd with the red light..



A : "aduh.. gendutan nih gue"

N : "gak kok.."

A : "jangan ngomong gitu deh"

N : "yea, but i think you gained weight"


uno, dos, tres

Three Things to Share
1. stories aka gossips
2. photos
3. songs

Three Names I go by:
1. nami
2. nams
3. namek :D

Three Jobs I have had in my Life:
1. student
2. part-time stalker? HAHA
3. okay.. i dont have any job, yet xp

Three Places I have lived:
1. jakarta
2. new york
3. does visiting my sister in sydney for almost a month can be said that i have lived there? haha

Three Highly-Recommended Movies:
1. nick & norah's infinite playlist
2. the painted veil
3. the breakfast club

Three Favorite Drinks:
1. mineral water
2. thai iced tea :9
3. white chocolate mocha

Three TV Shows that I watch:
1. gossip girl
2. american idol
3. that 70's show

Three Favorite Books:
1. elsewhere - gabrielle zevin
2. Here We Are mangas !!! >_<
3. Sand's Chronicles mangas!!!

Three places I have been:
1. japan
2. new zealand
3. korea

Three people that email me regularly:
1. urban outfitters (lol)
2. professors
3. vania or cindy or aakriti or tara

Three Favorite Foods:
1. rice!
2. gulai daun singkong
3. tumis labu siam, uoohhhh

Three Favorite Desserts:
1. red velvet cake
2. momofuku's cookies

Three Things I am looking forward to:
1. summer
2. the day i graduated
3. turn 21? or 30ish? i wanna see myself when im old! hahaha

Three places I would like to travel to:
1. South Africa
2. Brazil
3. greece~!
Girl: "hey, what are you doing tonight? can we hang out? i miss you"

Boy: "I got this birthday party at my friend's place"

Girl: "Aw that's fun. Can i come? I know him too"

Boy: "Nah, he said that he wants boys only"

and the girl started to push the boy so that the boy can ask his friend if the girl can come

Boy: "What do you want? Can you be with yourself for one day? I just want to be with my boys tonight! I'm always with you! I want my freedom!"

Girl: "But I'm your girlfriend! Is it so wrong that i want to be with my boyfriend?"

Boy: "You know what? You're being childish! Just suck yourself! I don't care anymore!"


What would you do?


I've just uploaded all of the picture from saturday's pool party!
it was LOVELY!
i love printing my film at Manhattan Color Labs

Accidentally i scanned out 3 pictures at 1,
cos i thought the scanner gonna separate it automatically
but i guess i was wrong

Fortunately, it came out pretty nice! take a look at this!

N I C E !

I T ' S O N L Y L O V E

Music by The Maccabees "First Love"