Geekin' Out; HighSchool Way

i miss mommy.
texting with her is the greatest feeling ever



Between Giving Out Help & Needing A Help

GAH! greeeaat! in a time like this, i really reaally rreeeeaaally wanna stretch out my hand to those who needs help! Like for example the situation in Haiti. Ohk my God! I just wanna miss my classes that has just started and fly to Haiti (or maybe the nearest airport from Haiti) so that i can help! CRAZY SITUATION!


1. i already told you that i want to stretch out my hand to those who needs help in Haiti.

2. i want to help those abused animal that has this heartbreaking commercial on TV.

3. i want to help my sister, Canti, in studying her exam past papers so that she will get good grades on her 10th grade graduation!! C'MON CANTI I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT! IF I CAN DO IT, YOU SURELY CAN DO IT!!!! (but not vice versa tho.. for example you can play a hard kicking ass guitar, but i cant -_-.. sucks to be me)

4. i want to stretch out my hand to this particular person whom maybe is like.. nowhere to be found (but, more of 'i hope so', i think this particular person is already somewhere cozy at the moment) Why i want to help him while the other is like "F**k that person, i dont care about that person! This is that person's fault! You don't have to be worry about that person! That person is in this situation because that person has always took advantage of us!" is because.. i just like helping a friend! But currently.. more of unfortunately, i cannot help that person because SOMEONE said that i shouldn't help him. YEAH YOU! SYATTAP! (hehe)

5. i want to help myself so i can go pass through this semester. But i'm sure i'll get pretty good grades this semester! I KNOW I CAN DO IT! WOOHHOOO!!

....yeah, maybe that is all. Well you readers (if i even have a reader! HA!) can also help me giving out this help... of course it's about Haiti and the abused animal, not about my 3rd, 4th & 5th wish. Here are the website to donate or maybe adopt!

on Haiti: HELPHAITINOW.ORG and on Abused Animal: The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or ASPCA.ORG

Dude! if i can adopt 2 dogs, I TOTALLY WOULD!!! unfortunately, my parents wouldn't allow me to have dogs on my apartment.. DANG IT, DOUBLE DANG IT!!

(that's supposed to be my sad face. I need to bent my eyebrows 'cos i dunno why it cannot bent the way i want it)

So let's starts here! I already donate myself for Haiti through buying groceries and stuff from Food Emporium & Duene Reade. I donated like.. $5 each. So i'm kinda proud of myself!

Start helping other, PEOPLE!


Well, hello there spring semester!


aahhkk i'm being a spoiled brat here! i want my holiday back! even though i already had like, pretty much a month break, BUT I NEED MORE PLEASE AND THANK YOU! uhuk uhuk. And guess what? i think i did something bad on this last day of holiday.. which is, i opened up my old hardisk and looked on a bunch of old photos! Such as.. family holidays, old pictures from last year with Chami, Aisha, Naomi, Wina, Sefi, Najunda, Jovan, etc etc, ...WHOLE BUNCH OF STUFFS! and it made me a lil' bit homesick right now :(

but while i'm used to being a spoiled brat (is that sentence even make sense? i'm kinda sleepy right now, so yeah.. whatever), i know this feeling will be gone by tomorrow morning! Well, technically.. in about 10 or 11 hours it'll be gone. Hahaha! (it's not even funny and i'm not even laughing)

....(intermission intended)....
(awkward pause)

So yeah, i'm kinda excited about going back to school and learn new stuff, BECAUSE I GET TO STUDY CALCULUS AGAIN!! CAN'T I SAY W00T W00T!! This semester i'll be taking Applied Calculus, Building Construction, Basic Economics and Computer Foreign Studies aka Writing 2. What i know for sure is that.. i'm gonna be so lost in economics! Haiyaa.. seriously? even when i was in 7th-9th grade i really don't get economics :[ but i need to take this class! GAH, DOUBLE GAH!

Mmm~ it's been a great holiday after a lot of stress back in fall semester and now my body&soul already in calm state. So i think i can conquer this semester! Bismillah i'll get 2 Bs! No promises on getting an A, okay? :P If later i'll get an A -or even better, 2 As- i'll be happy as a clam and my GPA will beeee... WOWKEY! Bismillah! Bismillah ya Allah!

I think this would be it, the end of this post! Will keep posting later on about my days on surviving college, surviving this cruel yet unexpected life, and those days surviving pressure! -what the hell am i talking about here? good God, i think the english muffin+sunny sided egg+cheddar cheese that i ate before make me really reaaaallllyyy abstract-


And then, i found this..

this is me and my two bestest friends!
Shout out to Rhea & Aura!
I miss you guys so bad!

'Another Rollercoaster Craziness'


My Littlest Big Corner Of Many Dreams

Future Dream:
Job: An Architect
Car: Old Yellow Mini Cooper
City: Santorini, Greece
Pet: Yorkshire Terrier / Scottish Terrier

Things That I Want To Learn:
Instrument: Guitar / Cello
Sports: Surfing
Dance: Swing / HipHop

Places To Visit:
Europe: Italy, Greece, Amsterdam, Paris.. -Oh who am i kidding?! WHOLE EUROPE!!
Asia: Nepal, Mongolia, Turkey
USA: Alaska
Africa: Egypt, Morocco, South Africa & The Wild Life!

Dream Colleges:
1. Cornell University
2. Pratt Institute
3. Cooper Union
4. Parsons School Of Design
5. California College Of The Arts

Seeing Myself In A Movie:
Me: Arale Norimaki (lol), Alexis Bledel, Kat Dennings
My Love Interest: Kris Allen, Justin Long, Jamie Bell
My Best Friend(s): Alexa Chung, Evan Rachel Wood, Mark Ronson
Parents: Hugh Laurie, Robert DeNiro, Martin Scorsese, Meryl Streep, Jane Lynch, Tom Hanks, Nicole Kidman
Neighbor: Christina Ricci, Caroline Trentini, Lea Michelle, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Liv Tyler, Carey Mulligan
Frenemies: 'Speidi', Mike 'The Situation'

Yep.. I'm still living in my dreams~
mmmmm i love my dreams!
cup <3


SickDay : 1

my back started to hurt again.

my brain worked really slow.

my eyes are starting to get puffy.

my coughs are terrible.

my cheeks are red.

my skins are dried from the cold weather.

my left foot is really killing me.

where's my painkiller?




Destination: Killington, Vermont

i'm on my way to Vermont.

I'm bored.

i'm hot cos I sit beside the heater on the window.

I'm hungry.

I'm wanting food.

I'm wanting cold air.

I want you to be here now.


Early Year Love

1. Justin Long (2 June 1978) known as the Mac Guy. Has a couple of movies coming out this year, which are The Conspirator (along with James McAvoy & Evan Rachel Wood), Going The Distance (along with his girlfriend, Drew Barrymore) and Alpha and Omega (along with Hayden Panettiere & Christina Ricci).

I just realized that i got addicted to him from his Mac commercials and his movies. But especially from his appearance on Accepted, Live Free or Die Hard, Drag Me To Hell, The Sasquatch Gang and of course, He's Just Not That Into You. Whereas i can't wait for his appearance in Young in Revolt.

2. Michael Cera (7 June 1988) known as the guy that often plays a slightly nerd/geek character. Which will be really surprising to see his appearance on Youth In Revolt, where he's going to build this two personalities to win a girl's heart and..bed, yes. He has one new movie coming up this year and one movie coming up this 2011. Coming up this year after Youth In Revolt is Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and next year is Arrested Development The Movie.

I have always been in love with him from his famous and hilarious comedy Superbad with Jonah Hill and Christopher Mintz-Plasse... wait- who? ahah, or should i say, McLovin. His appearances in Juno and Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist made me more in love with him! Oh- HECK YES! The two movies that i haven't watch that have him on it are Paper Heart and Year One. In Paper Heart, he plays with his 3 years girlfriend, Charlyne Yi, but they broke up last July... which is OKAY, LIKE TOTALLY OKAY (i know i'm a bitch right now)

3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (17 Februari 1981), WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! i know some of you out there are like "AAA!! AAAA!!AAAAAAAA!!" and then faint, haha lol! -or maybe not :P. So yeah, last year he got a couple of good movies, such as 500 Days of Summer and G.I. Joe: The Rise of The Cobra. And now why am i got in love with this guy? Yeap, right.. 'cos of his 500 Days of Summer character.

Ohk GOD! Why didn't i love him back at the days when he's still in 3rd Rock from The Sun?! Well.. ehem- he's kinda a geek and has a long hair hauhauhuhauha that's enough reason i think xP Now, what i want from him this year.. maybe a lot more movies where he's cuter, hotter, loveable-er (?) and many more! You could keep up with him on hitRECordJoe and be his stalker 24/7 like i am right now. HAHAHAHAHAH!!

the image says it all-

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