yes, i like to looklet

* * *

Me, and you?

i haven't been in this kinda situation for a long time now.
it got me scared a bit.
scared that in the end, you and i will never be the same again

will i, though?

i wouldn't call it serious, yet i would call it..
fun, warm, close, relax, comfort
as a whole

could i pass through this with those?
or am i going to end up with the opposite?

all i know right now is..
i wanna play with hats and you by my side



current situation:
1. it's 03.23 AM
2. supposed to go to bed, but insomnia strikes me back
3. listening to 'guilty pleasure' music, such as Miley Cyrus JoBros Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez, made me smile a lil' bit
4. what's wrong with meehh!!!???
5. it feels like my brain & eyes are really super-duper-tired but my body still wants to move and be active
7. can't wait to have White Chocolate Mocha in the afternoon before going to Econ :9
8. Any good song that can make me go to sleep? (at a time like this, i prefer my 'guilty pleasure' kind of music :P)
10. we'll see how this nite/morning turns out,

~tot ziens! :)


those days,

1. The Year of 1994, so i could see myself being a 4 year old while canti just born

2. When i was in 6th grade, so i could take a lot of picture with Cassey Dira Dinda & Farah to remember

3. When i was in 9th grade, so i could laugh out loud with Rhea & Aura at TPS or maybe at our toilet cubicle and imagining we live in 'Rumah Kita'

4. 4-6th of July 2008, CARITAUTISME, so i could swim at the beach, lie on the beach, throw bayi back and forth to the boys' side of the room, and just be autis for 3 days & 3 nights

5. Grade 12 Graduation Night.

6. 5th of July, 2009 - early morning basketball/badminton exercise

7. 31st of July & 1st of August, 2009 - All Point West.

What's yours?


What the hell is wrong with ECONOMICS?! seriously.. -_- maybe i don't have any social brain or something. GAH! I'm trying to understand it but what the hell, it just never got into my brain. DANG IT! DANG ECONOMICS!!


These are probably on my playlist,

1. The Morning Benders - Patient Patient
2. Shout Out Louds - Show Me Something New
3. Shout Out Louds - Candle Burned Out
4. Good Shoes - Under Control
5. The Rakes - 1989
6. The Morning Benders - When We're Apart
7. The Morning Benders - Waiting For A War
8. Julian Casablancas - Glass
9. The Rakes - Strasbourg
10. Hexicon - Narissa I Won't
11. BMX Bandits (with YeonGene) - Ally Ally Oxen Free
12. Au Revoir Simone - Where You Go
13. Vampire Weekend - White Sky
14. Vampire Weekend - California English
15. Crystal Castle - Vanished
16. Good Shoes - Times Change
17. Good Shoes - Then She Walks Away
18. Shout Out Louds - Normandie
19. She & Him - Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
20. Shout Out Louds - Fall Hard

*a lot of good shoes, shout out louds & the morning benders, eyh? :P*

Bitter(or)Sweet Me

Hm.. these couple of days really wasnt the best days for me.
I woke up yesterday and found out that.. 'MR.HANKY' visited me in the morning and said "Yello Nami! It's my time to visit! Yoohhoooo~" and then he (or i better say, it) swam away to the underworld. shiet ass (sorry)

I know that's really gross to say, but i just need to put it out the world, hahaha! Syattap you if you think this is gross. You know, mr.hanky is mother nature's friend! so don't hate! :P

So, since i decided to stay at home and skipped my economic class today, i did my groceries shopping and watched 'Taking Woodstock' on demand after. And suddenly, Jovan was kind enough to come by to check on me (..GR ya? HAHA) well, actually he just wanted to stay n chill around my apartment while he waits for his other work shift at 7pm. I just wanted to say.. ASIK TENGKYU JOPANCES FOR GIVING ME NEW MUSIC!! woohhooo~~ i got excited everytime i listen to new music that is kinda my style (beuh~ gokil). Well, jopances already gave me a couple of new songs and introduced me to new/old bands, such as The Fall and The Morning Benders. He asked me if i want to watch The Specials this April with him and i think i'm going to watch the band.

So it turned out that it's not that bitter after all :)



Sitting here quietly, looking at people's rutine, observing how people talk and eat and laugh and clean their teeth after eating..

guess where I'm at? Whole Foods.
the place where I can eat and observe people like a part-time stalker. I think I am a part-time stalker :P. maybe people looking at me and think "what the hell is she looking at? and what is she doing tapping her iphone's pad.. looks like she writing something about me. she gives me the creep! I think I better runaway before she do something scary to me"

HOLD UP PEOPLE! there's no intention on me that I'm gonna do something creepy like... I dunno, imagining you without your clothes off. OKAY THATS CREEPY! i am no pervert or watsoever. hahaha!

I'm bored waiting for my 6pm class, aka Building Construction. it's still half an hour to go. what should I do? what should I do? done with eating tho.. :\ what are the stuffs that you like to do while waiting? play something on your phone I guess, doodling around your notebook, playing with your hair, listening to your iPod, looking at people with your empty gaze.. Hahahahha!! stoopid, that's what I do xD

Man, crystal castle is playing on my iPod and it makes me want to shrug my shoulder to both ways. but I don't want people to think that I'm a crazy girl who is high in the middle of Whole Foods. this is the place to eat! not for dancing or shruging your shoulder both ways or.. I dunno, make any sudden move that involves moving your hips and hands and head and feet and eyes... (do you even move your eyes when you're dancing?)


bai :D