"So this is permanence; love-shattered pride.

What once was innocence,

has turned on its side."

"Where The Wild Things Are"

"One, two, ready, go!

Grow some big feet, holes in history
Is where you’ll find me, is where you’ll find
All is love, is love, is love, is love

L.O.V.E, it’s a mystery
Where you’ll find me, where you’ll find
All is Love, is love, is love, is love

Hey, ooh
Hey, ooh
Ooh ooh…
All is Love

One, two, ready, go
L.O.V.E, it’s a mystery
Where you’ll find me, where you’ll find
All is love, is love, is love, is love

Ooh ooh…
All is Love, is love, is love, is love"

Karen O feat The Kids - All Is Love


Silence says it all.



Eid Mubarak Fever!

first of all..


Huoh! it has been a crazy week for me. It started with my ARCH 201 class and ARCH 240 class and.. i dunno, like everything started to crash down. But thank GOD, Ramadhan month has finished and lebaran telah datang! Cihuy!

So, for the last day of fasting, my friends and i went to karaoke. HAHA i know, we should've takbiran but.. yea, you know :P. we went karaoke for about 6 hours (i think?) and after that we went straight to Queens because solat ied nya di mesjid indo di Queens.

The next day aka hari lebaran, pagi2 apt. 4J udah heboh! Andhika ngetok kamar Aisha, Najunda masih teler trus bilang "Andhika, it's stiil 6.58 am, my alarm will buzz me at 7! Sshh!", Aisha masih teler juga karna malem2 abis masak, Omar mulai jalan muter2 keluar-masuk kamar Andhika, and for myself.. i'm just laying on my airbed (it's Aisha's actually) listening to their hectic mumble. HAHA.

Jam 8 uda pada rapi semua, tinggal cabut rame2 ke mesjid. Aisha pake ngomong "Gilak Nam! Inchas ganteng berat pake baju koko baru", gue yang tersalting-saltingnya bangun dari airbed cuman buat Inchas. HAHAHAHAHA! Abis solat rame2 di mesjid dan abis ber-mingling2 trus poto2 trus makan ketupat sedikit ditempat Brisko, Chami Wina Intan Najunda dan gue cabut ke New Rochelle dan Scarsdale untuk dtg ke halal bihalal PTRI & KJRI. Abis dari New Rochelle & Scarsdale kita cabut ke rumah Fahmy untuk halah bihalal lagi. KOCAK TO THE MAX! Eventhough i'm not with my family back home, ini udah cukup menceriakan minggu hectic gue.

And nnoooooww~ i'll share a couple of pictures that i like from the halal bihalal tahun 2009 di NuYok! Enjoy :)

Nami & Aisha,

Andhika, Nami & Omar,

Najunda & Nami,

Nami & Inchas,

Mariati, Chami, Wina, Wulan, Najunda, Emil, Nami, Reza, Kemal, Pram & Aisha,

Nami & Reza

Hah! Sekarang mulai stres lagi deh =_=, so if you see some kind of an emo post about random stuff you'll know that i'm on my stress zone again. Haha!


Is there time?
Is there time?
To follow just one desire?

Is there time?
Is there time,
To follow your heart?


i need a hand to share.



do you ever feel like crying until your tear dries?

do you ever feel like running away to anywhere random?

do you ever feel like you don't belong in this part of the world?

do you ever feel like everything's crumbling down into pieces?

do you ever feel like not able to do anything?



Shout Out To Chami~!!

Public Affection;

"I want the whole world (facebook world, at least) to know that I have a crush on you. But, I can't compete with those guys because they have dicks and I don't.

What's a girl to do?"

favorite quote EVER!
thanks to my love, Sefi :]
i know, i failed on showing off my affection to you but my heart belongs to you lady.



Days To Remember, Part 1

heyo! x]

Just finished my work and kinda lazy to saur but i think i'm gonna, but i'm to males.. eventho i still have padthai leftover from buka tadi. Terus terus, i'm just looking and viewing my own blog and wanted to change my slide of portraits yet i'm to males.. yes, again. HAHA! BM STRIKES BACK! ya gimana gak males coba? udah jam 02.41 am gituh :p

when i was thinking about changing couple of pictures in my slide, i kinda browse around my picture album on my laptop and i clicked 'ALL POINT WEST' album.. AHK! KANGEN GILAK!! T_T. There are 2 albums that i set and so, i clicked the first day of the unforgettable 3 days festival.

Here are my top favorite photos from the 1st day! :)

oh gosh, i want post the 2nd day but i think this post gonna be a lot longer than this! HAHA jadinya gimana ya atuh? :\

maybe on the next post >:3
"In New York,
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of,
There's nothing you can’t do,
Now you’re in New York,
these streets will make you feel brand new,
the lights will inspire you,
lets hear it for New York,
New York,
New York"


"These Days" By Canti Tachril

"these days you've been away
i don't have a reason
you know i'm feeling pretty messed up
I'm feeling down, you're feeling down

why d'you have to lighten my day
i don't need you here, i don't need you now
why d'you have to come under my skin
i don't need you here, i don't need you now

these days you've been confusing
tell me those answers
tell me everything you know
cos' you're just too hard to be solved

why d'you have to lighten my day
i don't need you here, i don't need you now
why d'you have to come under my skin
i don't need you here, i don't need you now

why d'you have to come near me
i cant get you out of here
cant get u out of here
why d'you have to be here now
these times those days

so this is the ending
i don't know what to say"



is it so wrong that I miss someone that maybe hates me until his guts?

hey you.

back from down under

"Patience, shadow. While you're sick, there's no sight to see.
Little shadow, little shadow.
To the night, will you follow me?
Pardon, shadow, hold on tight to your darkened key.
Little shadow, little shadow.
To the night, will you follow me?

Closer, shadow, volume strikes, still we're cut free
of this song, little shadow
To the night, will you follow me?
Hey, shadow, stars, break of dawn, take a turn for stars, to my fantasy
Little shadow, to the night, will you follow me?
Little shadow, to the night, will you follow me?"
(Little Shadow - Yeah Yeah Yeahs)


Lalala~ so yeah, precisely a week ago i arrived back in NYC (yeay-me) and 2 days ago my college has started again for my sophomore year (a lil bit of yeay-me). My mom & sister came to join me for about 10 days, and 3 days from now they gonna leave me here.. all alone.. no more shopping for me, no more good home made cooking for me, no huggy huggy family time for me. I'll juz have to wait for another 3 or 4 months so I can see them again.

These couple of days been great! I'm juz glad to be back in NYC but it feels kinda different. I miss my summer :(
What I miss the most from my summer in NYC are:
2. 1 Summer Class
3. Bike riding around Central Park and Hudson River every Sunday
4. Monday & Tuesday nite at Do-Hwa
5. Stay over at Aisha's place every weekend
6. Sitting around Bryant Park and juz look at people doing Yoga
7. Early basketball match at Sherwood
8. Rockband marathon every weekend at Andhika's
9. CONEY ISLAND RANDOM TRIP (eventhough baru sekali :P)
10. and those random yet fun nite strolling around the city that never sleeps

I want my summer back rite this minute :(