Lonely Nite With A Cup-o-Coffee

My teeth are hurting because of the stoopid retainer that i'm currently using rite now! Argh! Don't tell me my teeth starting to gerak-gerak! =_= sakit bangeettt


So, yeap. I was supposed to do my site analysis on this construction on Orchard Street, New York but i dunno why i'm too lazy to do it. (like again and always) i want to be an architect but i don't wanna be a site analysis or something that's similar doing those kinda stuff =_= i just wanna design and design and design! But yeah, this is one of the step to be a good architect so better get used to it.

I think the hard point of getting to be an architect is to learn this kinda stuff. You have to have your own reason why do you want it to be like that. (yah, duh? everything have to have their own reason) but not me, lol. i'm the type of person that want to do stuff without any reason. :P but it's so hard to tell the 'guys' if your reason is just simply "because i want it that way"

is it wrong? isn't it similar to freedom of thinking (or speech? - not really :P)?


maybe, this is the way i am.. the type of person that doesn't really think about reasons
despite that in other category of reasons like: breaking up, etc etc, lol

Why should we analyse other building when we can actually talk to the architect and ask him/her? LOL! Dude, i'm a lazy ass bit*h, you got that rite xP. Aaaahhhh~ i'm too lazy to analyse! eventhough my professor already told me what should i analyse, but still.. too lazy to think a word, too lazy to think about the reasons, too lazy to think about the connection, too lazy to THE MAX!

Help? anyone?

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