Don't Wake Up If You Know It's June

Hah! I know today's like 20th of June already despite the title of this blog. But i just hafta put that down because i'm in love with Andre Harihandoyo's 'Pillow Street' song <3

Shout out for you Mr. Harihandoyo!
i sounded like i know you, but really i dont :P

So! it's already in the middle of June and according to my planner tomorrow is the first day of SUMMER and NYC is the best place you wanna be at the moment. Why? There are so much line ups for SUMMER CONCERT! (Calm down Sha, i'm not replacing your blog :p)

On 9th of June, Aisha & i watched SANTIGOLD's concert at Terminal 5 and it was MOTHERFATHER-ly AWESOME! We were like "ooowwhhh~ damn! i want to be her dancer now!" and stuff like that, lol. We laughed so much about everything! From our silliness, stoopidness, funniness (is that even a word?) and amazement from her concert. I remembered when Santigold started to sing and i was like jumping my ass off and then i looked at Aisha... SHE WAS STONED! DUDE! SHE STOOD THERE WITH HER CAMERA AND DOESN'T EVEN TOOK ANY PICTURES! LOL, and then i screamt "Sha! don't just stood there! Take some picturess!!" and she replied "i'm too speechless nam.. she's so pretty! what should i do?!" LOL

And then, the other concert that i went to is METRIC! Oooohhh~ now i'm the one who stoned and dunno what to do xD.. i watched Metric with Jovan and it was really a last minute decision that i wanted to watch them. Metric's concert was on 17th of June and on 16th i was like "Jovan... i think i want to watch Metric now, but too bad it's already sold out" but WAIT! THANK YOU TO CRAIGLIST for 2 tickets to go to Metric's concert. DAMN! THANK YOU CRAIGLIST & THANK YOU MOTHERNATURE, lol. First of all there's this drama that Jovan doesn't have any money to pay the ticket and he was like calling me each minute despite that i was already at class and going to Orchard Street for my next project. Ohk GOD! i was terrified by thinking "oh damn! He doesn't have money and i'm here, so he couldn't meet me to get the money and stuff. NO!! I'M NOT GONNA WATCH METRIC!! NOOOOOOO~~~!!" But... THANK YOU AIDIL to lending us his money hehe., (i really like the miracle of June <3)

Guess who's gonna be at Williamsburgh Musil Hall?

the answer is: Orlando Weeks, Hugo & Felix White, Rupert Jarvis & Sam Doyle


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