Just finished watching Americal Idol Season 8 on my DVR and kinda surprised that Matt was in the bottom 3!!! WAT WAT wwaaa~t!! but its okay, he's safe and still in the group. So it's all good :). One other thing.. i watched it from my DVR rite? and guess what? by the time the show gonna be over, MY DVR STOPPED RECORDING IT SO I DIDNT WATCH THE VERY LAST PART OF IT! AARRGHHH DAMN YOU DVR TT_TT

Anywaaaaaayy~ everytime i watch american idol, Simon Cowell reminded me of my dad SO MUCH! just see the resemblance below xD

Well if you didnt think so, i dont blame you.. maybe its just me. On the other hand, if you guys agree.. LAUGH ALONG WITH ME, PLEASE *LOL*., i miss my dad so so so soo much. Eventhough sometimes i just wish i can be very very far away from him, i kinda regret just by thinking of that. Huhu.. sorry dad ;(

*kyahahaha i'm still laughing at the picture above! HILARIOUS TO THE MAX*

Today my architecture class discussed the phenomenon of water. The teacher gave each student a place to search on and i got Vijayanagara's Stepped Irrigation Tank in India. Well, the function of the tank is actually similar to every well everywhere. Because of its location (South India) and sometimes its hard to get water, so Vijayanagara located along the Tungabhadra River. From the river they made this long channel and this channel go along the empire to the Stepped Irrigation Tank or the Queen's bath as they called it. It's a pretty amazing architecture as you read from the name itself. Just see the picture below~

Pretty amazing, huh?

So yeah, Hindu is mostly the religion in India so they use water for purifying as an essential for praying and rituals. If you guys already been to Bali, and went to a couple of temple there its pretty much the same.

As for me, the other use of water is for calming sense. So maybe in several temple in Japan, China, Bali, India and other places they have water surrounds the temple to make it peaceful. Uuhh~ i just love water i dunno why. Water is the greatest element evah~ *GO WATER!!* xD

What do you think about the phenomenon of water? And how do you touch, smell, see, hear and taste water by documenting it?

"Don't think too hard, if you think it hurts that bad.
Don't talk about it, don't let it get you down.
It's only one part, of the story.
Just let it go, don't let it bring you down now.

Sing the last thing on your mind.
The last word on your breath.
I'll be the one to keep you, keep you at your best."

Light's "Last Thing On Your Mind"; Lights EP Album

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