Between: Being Selfish, Bonnaroo & Loollapalooza

Ok. What did i say to myself for the past.. 2 years?

"Guys who already got what they want after trying and trying hard to get it, will not do anything in exchange"

And yes, now it just hit me again. Again and again and again and always. Stoopid me. Here I am trying so hard to ignore and not to care. But maybe, i'm just being selfish yet another time. What's with me and being selfish, ey? First thought that came to me actually was.. this is my last days of my period; so maybe it's because of that. I dunno, i just don't want to crawl into that place and situation again.

Or maybe, this isn't the right time to be all mushy-mushy-cushy-cuddly 'cos exams are right in the corner peeking at us and all pressure are on us. Talking about exams, i have a practice writing exam tomorow, better not forget it! Don't forget to bring a dictionary and stuff.

BY THE WAY!! Jovan came to my apt today. We talked and laughed about stuff and suddenly he said "Nam, Bonnaroo??" (Bonnaroo is a summer concert & art festival in Tennessee) So he checked online who's on the lineup. I think it's a pretty good lineup! Bonnaroo festival lineup includes Jay-Z, Dave Matthews Band, Kings Of Leon, Stevie Wonder, Weezeer, Flaming Lips, Phoenix, LCD Soundsystem, The Gossip, The National, The XX, Kid Cudi, Langhorne Slim, OK Go, Angus & Julia Stone and much more! (More on the lineup: Bonnaroo!) Well, er.. if i'll go to that festival i'll probably watch a little of it. So, Jovan suggested Loollapalooza (Loollapalooza is a summer concert & art festival in Chicago). Now! HELLO HELLO! This is one, i got dips on it! The lineup is super super duper yum-yum-nyom!! The lineup includes Soundgarden, Green Day, Lady Gaga, Arcade Fire, The Strokes, Phoenix, MGMT, The Black Keys, The National, Cypress Hill, The New Pornographers, Erykah Badu, Grizzly Bear, Gogol Bordello, Mutemath, Metric, The XX, The Temper Trap, Stars, The Big Pink, Freelance Whales, The Morning Benders, Mumford & Sons and so much much much MORE!!! WOOT WOOT!!! SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?! FARK FARK FAAAARRKKK!!!

Now, since we had that conversation, Jovan and I made this crazy decision to take a road trip to CHICAGO~!!! CHICAGO OH CHICAGO!! xD First, Jovan decided to take the plane to go there but it cost him $200++, then i told him why not rent a car and drive?? aaannnddd CAN I SAY ANOTHER WOOT WOOT?!?!?! So both of us are really psyched to do this!! We're actually gonna ask some of our friends so we can get 5 or 7 people to go too! ANYBODY WANT TO JOIN US??? The ticket for Loollapalooza is pretty much cost $200+ too, but it is all worth it! I PROMISE YOU!!


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