Sitting here quietly, looking at people's rutine, observing how people talk and eat and laugh and clean their teeth after eating..

guess where I'm at? Whole Foods.
the place where I can eat and observe people like a part-time stalker. I think I am a part-time stalker :P. maybe people looking at me and think "what the hell is she looking at? and what is she doing tapping her iphone's pad.. looks like she writing something about me. she gives me the creep! I think I better runaway before she do something scary to me"

HOLD UP PEOPLE! there's no intention on me that I'm gonna do something creepy like... I dunno, imagining you without your clothes off. OKAY THATS CREEPY! i am no pervert or watsoever. hahaha!

I'm bored waiting for my 6pm class, aka Building Construction. it's still half an hour to go. what should I do? what should I do? done with eating tho.. :\ what are the stuffs that you like to do while waiting? play something on your phone I guess, doodling around your notebook, playing with your hair, listening to your iPod, looking at people with your empty gaze.. Hahahahha!! stoopid, that's what I do xD

Man, crystal castle is playing on my iPod and it makes me want to shrug my shoulder to both ways. but I don't want people to think that I'm a crazy girl who is high in the middle of Whole Foods. this is the place to eat! not for dancing or shruging your shoulder both ways or.. I dunno, make any sudden move that involves moving your hips and hands and head and feet and eyes... (do you even move your eyes when you're dancing?)


bai :D

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  1. that's not true. people dance at Whole Foods all the time. ask me, I have.