Bitter(or)Sweet Me

Hm.. these couple of days really wasnt the best days for me.
I woke up yesterday and found out that.. 'MR.HANKY' visited me in the morning and said "Yello Nami! It's my time to visit! Yoohhoooo~" and then he (or i better say, it) swam away to the underworld. shiet ass (sorry)

I know that's really gross to say, but i just need to put it out the world, hahaha! Syattap you if you think this is gross. You know, mr.hanky is mother nature's friend! so don't hate! :P

So, since i decided to stay at home and skipped my economic class today, i did my groceries shopping and watched 'Taking Woodstock' on demand after. And suddenly, Jovan was kind enough to come by to check on me (..GR ya? HAHA) well, actually he just wanted to stay n chill around my apartment while he waits for his other work shift at 7pm. I just wanted to say.. ASIK TENGKYU JOPANCES FOR GIVING ME NEW MUSIC!! woohhooo~~ i got excited everytime i listen to new music that is kinda my style (beuh~ gokil). Well, jopances already gave me a couple of new songs and introduced me to new/old bands, such as The Fall and The Morning Benders. He asked me if i want to watch The Specials this April with him and i think i'm going to watch the band.

So it turned out that it's not that bitter after all :)

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