Well, hello there spring semester!


aahhkk i'm being a spoiled brat here! i want my holiday back! even though i already had like, pretty much a month break, BUT I NEED MORE PLEASE AND THANK YOU! uhuk uhuk. And guess what? i think i did something bad on this last day of holiday.. which is, i opened up my old hardisk and looked on a bunch of old photos! Such as.. family holidays, old pictures from last year with Chami, Aisha, Naomi, Wina, Sefi, Najunda, Jovan, etc etc, ...WHOLE BUNCH OF STUFFS! and it made me a lil' bit homesick right now :(

but while i'm used to being a spoiled brat (is that sentence even make sense? i'm kinda sleepy right now, so yeah.. whatever), i know this feeling will be gone by tomorrow morning! Well, technically.. in about 10 or 11 hours it'll be gone. Hahaha! (it's not even funny and i'm not even laughing)

....(intermission intended)....
(awkward pause)

So yeah, i'm kinda excited about going back to school and learn new stuff, BECAUSE I GET TO STUDY CALCULUS AGAIN!! CAN'T I SAY W00T W00T!! This semester i'll be taking Applied Calculus, Building Construction, Basic Economics and Computer Foreign Studies aka Writing 2. What i know for sure is that.. i'm gonna be so lost in economics! Haiyaa.. seriously? even when i was in 7th-9th grade i really don't get economics :[ but i need to take this class! GAH, DOUBLE GAH!

Mmm~ it's been a great holiday after a lot of stress back in fall semester and now my body&soul already in calm state. So i think i can conquer this semester! Bismillah i'll get 2 Bs! No promises on getting an A, okay? :P If later i'll get an A -or even better, 2 As- i'll be happy as a clam and my GPA will beeee... WOWKEY! Bismillah! Bismillah ya Allah!

I think this would be it, the end of this post! Will keep posting later on about my days on surviving college, surviving this cruel yet unexpected life, and those days surviving pressure! -what the hell am i talking about here? good God, i think the english muffin+sunny sided egg+cheddar cheese that i ate before make me really reaaaallllyyy abstract-


  1. a. I hadn't been on Blogspot in a while
    b. I like your blog
    c. I want an english muffin

  2. answers:
    a. go write another one then!! post your amazing photos!
    b. I like your blog! and the pictures! UH-MA-ZING
    c. come to my house and I'll make one for you


  3. dear fellow bloggers,

    1. I agree with Ms. Sefi that I,too, love this blog...
    2. I miss you both
    3. I really really miss you both
    4. I'll make Tofu if Ms. Tachril kindly enough to make Avocado Mashed potato and Ms. Sefi brings the bottle. yuppiieee dooo!!

  4. let's make avocado mashed potato, tofu, ayam goreng mentega, cheddar cheese mixed veggies, ......English muffins, ...turkey bacon, EVERYTHING with WINE WINE WIIINNNNEEEE

    (alcoholic alert)

  5. yooo lets do it tomorrow night. wait no, tonight. lets do it tonightttt!!! texting u as we speak.