Between Giving Out Help & Needing A Help

GAH! greeeaat! in a time like this, i really reaally rreeeeaaally wanna stretch out my hand to those who needs help! Like for example the situation in Haiti. Ohk my God! I just wanna miss my classes that has just started and fly to Haiti (or maybe the nearest airport from Haiti) so that i can help! CRAZY SITUATION!


1. i already told you that i want to stretch out my hand to those who needs help in Haiti.

2. i want to help those abused animal that has this heartbreaking commercial on TV.

3. i want to help my sister, Canti, in studying her exam past papers so that she will get good grades on her 10th grade graduation!! C'MON CANTI I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT! IF I CAN DO IT, YOU SURELY CAN DO IT!!!! (but not vice versa tho.. for example you can play a hard kicking ass guitar, but i cant -_-.. sucks to be me)

4. i want to stretch out my hand to this particular person whom maybe is like.. nowhere to be found (but, more of 'i hope so', i think this particular person is already somewhere cozy at the moment) Why i want to help him while the other is like "F**k that person, i dont care about that person! This is that person's fault! You don't have to be worry about that person! That person is in this situation because that person has always took advantage of us!" is because.. i just like helping a friend! But currently.. more of unfortunately, i cannot help that person because SOMEONE said that i shouldn't help him. YEAH YOU! SYATTAP! (hehe)

5. i want to help myself so i can go pass through this semester. But i'm sure i'll get pretty good grades this semester! I KNOW I CAN DO IT! WOOHHOOO!!

....yeah, maybe that is all. Well you readers (if i even have a reader! HA!) can also help me giving out this help... of course it's about Haiti and the abused animal, not about my 3rd, 4th & 5th wish. Here are the website to donate or maybe adopt!

on Haiti: HELPHAITINOW.ORG and on Abused Animal: The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or ASPCA.ORG

Dude! if i can adopt 2 dogs, I TOTALLY WOULD!!! unfortunately, my parents wouldn't allow me to have dogs on my apartment.. DANG IT, DOUBLE DANG IT!!

(that's supposed to be my sad face. I need to bent my eyebrows 'cos i dunno why it cannot bent the way i want it)

So let's starts here! I already donate myself for Haiti through buying groceries and stuff from Food Emporium & Duene Reade. I donated like.. $5 each. So i'm kinda proud of myself!

Start helping other, PEOPLE!


  1. aww baby *HUGS, well as much as we'd like to help out in Haiti, it's perhaps best that we're here considering the fact that neither one of us speaks French/Creole and therefore, we'd probs be more of a burden than help. With that said, I'll def. keep an open eye if a volunteer opp pops out, maybe in the near future for housing projects or something like that. sounds good?

    and as for #4, well... if being the friend that "walks in when everyone else walks out" feels right, do it. even if everyone else says otherwise.

    --the reader who's only a post away. (ahaha im kidding lets hit up a diner soon, ya?)

  2. nammmmmeee..u make me hungry lookin at your food pic :)
    also hahah its so nice of you having your thoughts on whats happenin to the world :) what we can do from far away is just a big prayer for them..take care namm :D

  3. namiiii.. I totally agree with helping others while we can.. I'm a proud member of KeepAChildAlive.. and guess what? Alicia Keys' (the ambassador)birthday is coming up.. let's help by donating to the organization to help kids in Africa whose life been affected by AIDS. She has a goal of $10.000 lets make it come true by passing this info!


    second of all, I'm still in awe what "good-friends" can do to you... you know what I mean, I'm here stuck between wanting to lend a hand or just sit-my-butt-and-do-nothing!
    grrrrr.. I despise this feeling!

  4. hahahha!! namz! you've got a reader! :D

    [still waiting for more of the taptapta! ]

  5. - Dusk.Rose aka Aakriti: SHIET! AAKZ?!?!??! CRAZY!! WOOHHOO!!!