Here I am, in the corner

I'm in such not a good mood right now.. but I have a responsibility to be at class since I gotta leave this city tomorrow. Wadyu know? I've been stacking piles of work for me to work on later. Everybody will be joyfull watching my brother getting married, on the other hand.. me, faking a smile and trying to think how to finish all of the piles of work I have left.

When I am going to let out my real smile? I know I am overwhelming myself right now. With everything is chasing constantly behind me.

Eerrrhhhh I need more time, I need more energy, I need more sleep, I need another part of brain which can help me get through this. Wait- did I just say brain? Do I need a brain to get pass this? A brain, a hand, a friend, a support.. I need myself to get through this.

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