OK, while I'm waiting for my dad, my mom, my brother and my sister finish their thing before going out for dinner with my dad's friend (whoa! that's a lot to say :\) i want to write something for my blog! it's been a long time huh? maybe, 2 weeks? 3 weeks? :\ whatever.


how you've been? how's the weather treating ya? NY's weather been crazy for this couple of weeks! from not too cold to TOO COLD-YOU-JUST-WANT-TO-CURL-UP-INSIDE-A-BLANKET. What d'you know about this magical world, huh?! crazy little wind makes my nose red, it makes my ears frozen, it makes my feet shake like those crazy people on the dance floor. But it's ok. Finals are over! which means this is the time for me to have a good time with my family up in VERMONT!

YEP! VERMONT I TELL YA! We're going up there after new year, exactly at the 3rd of Jan, 2010. oooww~yeah! sliding all the way from the top of the peak until the bottom of the mountain of those great mountain of Killington. I CAN'T WAIT! aaaa~

But, before that... what should i do on new year? :\ i asked my dad and he said he just want to stay at the apartment and watch the fireworks from my apartment's sky lounge. I'm pretty sure that my mom wants to party (like again and always), i don't know about my brother and my sister though. Any suggestion? I know it's pathetic that i'm living at the city that never sleeps but i don't know what to do for new year's eve.. ngek

Talking about NEW YEAR.. everyone have been settling up their resolution for the year 2010. What are my resolutions anyway? :\ I never remembered my old resolution though. It's like i did it on every new year just for the sake of it but never did it along the way. Haha, well.. whatever, i'm gonna do it anyway :P Not now though! I need more time to think about those resolutions.. cos i'm still waiting for my mom, my dad, my brother and my sister to finish their stuff.

Woke~ maybe that's enough rambling while waiting. Write again soon!
While you wait for another post, keep warm people cos it's bloody cold outside! >_<

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