Days To Remember, Part 1

heyo! x]

Just finished my work and kinda lazy to saur but i think i'm gonna, but i'm to males.. eventho i still have padthai leftover from buka tadi. Terus terus, i'm just looking and viewing my own blog and wanted to change my slide of portraits yet i'm to males.. yes, again. HAHA! BM STRIKES BACK! ya gimana gak males coba? udah jam 02.41 am gituh :p

when i was thinking about changing couple of pictures in my slide, i kinda browse around my picture album on my laptop and i clicked 'ALL POINT WEST' album.. AHK! KANGEN GILAK!! T_T. There are 2 albums that i set and so, i clicked the first day of the unforgettable 3 days festival.

Here are my top favorite photos from the 1st day! :)

oh gosh, i want post the 2nd day but i think this post gonna be a lot longer than this! HAHA jadinya gimana ya atuh? :\

maybe on the next post >:3

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