current update!

1. absolutely bored

2. i'm tired from the long weekend but i dont feel like sleeping

3. just finished my summer class' assigments and got nothing to do

4. i really, really want white chocolate mocha or mocha coco nut with soy milk + whipped cream

5. i'm addicted to long weekends

6. i think i'm kinda sad that someone's going back to 'somewhere' this following week

7. evetho i'm going back to my hometown but.. it still 3 more months to go!

8. american idol & gossip girl has finished their season, and the hills gonna finish soon too! that means i dont have any TV SHOW that will accompany me through out this summer

9. SANTOGOLD & THE MACCABEES concert is coming in about 2/3 weeks!

10. it's truly hard to accept that people change. wether you like it or not.

11. tomorrow i have studio class and i must buy white chocolate mocha before going to class

12. doing this is actually kinda fun..

13. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Zero is playing on my iTunes

14. Come to think of it, i think i didn't talk to anyone today except through skype with canti & my apartment concierge people

15. someone's being M.I.A lately

16. or is it me that just dont want to meet you? LOL kidding

17. i need to buy another series of "Love*Com" manga from Kinokuniya

18. oh! Just remember! I need to go back to Staples and ask Ken to give me back my SD-Card

19. i love reading someone's blog.. but it has to be interesting to read, like random things.. *i know.. i'm weird*

20. uoh! it's already at 20!

21. mmmmm... i think i need to stop because i dont have any updates anymore

22. just 2 more :9

23. alrite! gonna stop here. Why? 'cos i was born at 23rd of August. HAHAH

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