Eu não sei que número é este ..

1. it's 12.41 PM
2. can't wait until the clock hits 5 PM - not because of break fasting, fyi
3. wish i have Doraemon's pintu kemana aja, so i can just go to NY now
4. But then again, for #2.. someone's hand gonna touch my ponto proibido
5. Ég sakna þín ;P
6. I'm still embarrassed that i put my picture with Brisko in my profile picture on FB, gosh! what's wrong with me?!
7. Shuffled songs on my iTunes is the best way to discover new music that i haven't heard
8. Maybe, today is the day that.. no, it's impossible :\
9. now playing: Locksley's "Darling, It's True"
10. I think today's enough..

Escreva novamente em breve! :D

(fyi, i'm in a mood of Portuguese speaking, cos i miss my 'diego' :P - but #5 is not portuguese.)

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