while i'm craving for brownies in the middle of 4AM

Just saw a couple of pictures of my brother & his girlfriend's trip to Bali.. and now i'm craving for a trip outside NYC! (and of course brownies!) gggrrrr.. i just can't wait for this term to end! at least i have 4-6 days off before starting off my summer classes. SO! i have decided to go outside NYC!! please oh please! i don't care if it is just Boston or Rhode Island, or better yet CANADA! but i have to go to the Canadian consulate and get myself a visa >:] but i dunno when.. i haven't got the time.. well, not really.. hauhauhauha

mmmmmmmmmm i'm craving for everything!! Going back to Jakarta after summer classes, go to Canada and visit Vania in Vancouver, take a little road trip across USA, take a kick boxing class, have some me time doing.. i dunno like capturing a moment or some some, I WANT EVERYTHING!! AAAAHHH!

Hey, wouldn't it be fun if we can go to Canada for a couple of days?? Go to Montreal or.. Toronto, discover the place, discover both of us outside NYC?? mau mau mau :{ i'm craving for an adventure, dude! i'm craving for us to go outside NY and take a road trip or something. i want to have a trip with you.. yuk?? hehe *dramatis lebayatun*

brownies, where are you?

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