Doesn't fit in well, does she?

Sometimes being different shows your individuality, which is good.. but sometimes being the only one that different from a bunch of people who are the same, really makes me uncomfortable and intimidated. Different interest; different things to talk about. Even though some say I'm in the right level as them, but it seems like I'm waaaaaaayy below the standards. I'm not trying to be the same, but it is just hard to connect. It's like they are more 5th avenue and I'm more SoHo - i dunno.. seems like it. Don't get me wrong! I also love those brands that stretching out along 5th avenue, but it's not me. I'm more into those unknown and uncommercialized.

But who cares? Those are just LABELS! and for me, people are the same. It's just the individual's need that makes us different from each other. Right?

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  1. It's like I'm Titi Kamal and you're Agnes Monica.. but we blend pretty well..

    or it's like, you're Hillary Clinton and I'm still Titi Kamal.. we will have a fond friendship because we have lotsa things to talk about. politics, diva treatment, or singing skills