~"Communication Cups And Someone's Coat"

So yeah,
i don't know whats into me right this moment..
-wait, actually from saturday night

Went to a little celebration and decided to go back home after i stayed there for about 3 hours. I felt really, REALLY tired 'cos before i went to the party, i played paintball for 4/5 hours straight. It was fun at the beginning.. but something just hit me, literally hit me on my emotion. Am I having an emotional break?

Something felt really heavy inside of me.
Feels like i need to throw it all out.
Like puking out a couple of words.

I cried without reasons,
I don't feel like talking with anybody except my family,
I don't feel like going to class, (but i did my work though)

Can I disappear for a moment?
Can I stay in a room that no one knows where I am?
Can I stand in one spot without people noticing?

I just want to be alone for a moment..
get away from this noise.

1 comment:

  1. If you need anything, I'm here for you. I respect your "me" time. feel better.
    big hug plus a VAMPIRE bite!