Please Come Back

waaiit- what's the date again?? 1st of December?? great, the beginning of the month is already here which means my finals are right on the corner of my frustration -_-

i need my thanksgiving break again :(
come back..
please >_<


nyom! eventho my thanksgiving break is only a week (-not even), it was the craziest yet a whole lotta fun just like summer x] despite the weird weather tho. Let's see.. what should i talk about after i -err..- stop updating..

Just finish creating a sketchup model for my actual model, i hope my professor would accept it, or maybe.. not. that is what i hate about procrastinating.. you always think that you would do everything on the last minute but wadyu know about how God's work? well.. it's not actually God's work, it's my own fault and.. i dont take responsibility and.. i keep on keepin' on procrastinating -HARR HARR >:9

mm.. the clock just hits 4.50 AM and i still have another paper to do but yeah, 'other me' said i can do it later when i wake up before taking a shower and go to class :P nice job procrastinating huh?

And guess what? I'm going back to Jakarta this friday -knowing that my final is after i go back to NY-


Err.. i think i need my beauty sleep [+_o'] my eyes twitched by itself and tried to close off of this post.. my eyes are wandering around between the keyboard and the monitor and my nails and my blanket and my pillows and ..


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