Oh, Lonely Night

As we get older, our responsibilities get high and pressure is everywhere you go. Once you stop where you are standing, everything's haunting you. School, life, family, friends.. you just hope there are enough hands to help you. I'm not saying that I'm emo or something like that, haha, it's just.. when something happened in front of your eyes and it's actually happened to you, you just hope that the time will stop without all of those haunting.


I'm afraid of the world now.
The world is taking me into pieces, keep me shattered into places.
I need more hands to push me through.
But I'm the only one that pulling it into myself.
Should I go away from the surface and hide under a cover?
I need my blackness night to cover my fear.
I don't wanna go back to brightness to not being myself.
It's better for me to be in the dark and be myself rather than that.


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