it's really hard for me to say
that i rather choose.
because inside of me tells that
i still can't open that piece of heart.

it's not you,
just remember that.

i could only taste you and not having you
where it goes like i try them all at once.
one thing that i really hate.
hating it cos i'm the one to blame

should i just throw it all and wipe it all off?
kill the thing that i have inside,
all of the sensation that i like,
all of the giddy up

if i could just say it to "one, two, three" or "A B C"
it would be so easy to choose.
But i rather not say 'i choose'
where it goes like a period.

are you my one exception for me to open that heart?


  1. JUST DO IT, open that heart.

    You're so lucky and you don't even know it. This pain is so beautiful, I wish you could just see it.

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  3. oohh..it's really sweet of u nam. i knoe i always become the exception. don't kill the sensation we're having now. we will always be together forever and ever. we are like all the bright stars in the sky..

    so i assumed that you can't tell the truth to the whole world cause it always come out wrong unless u put it in a poem...