"as my memory rests; but never forgets what I lost"

A Boy :
"come here..

you know, they say life is short
they say you wake up one day and on that day
all of your dreams and everything you wished for
and all you wanted
just like that. you know?

people... people get old
and you know, things change and situations change
and what i want is, i just, i want this moment right now,
this day
- my feelings for you, the way you look rite now,
the way i look at you

i just want this to last forever, you know?"

A Girl :
"and it will,

i mean, no matter what we'll always had this and had each other
and nothing can change that
but i just want you to know
no matter what you always have somebody here for you
i'm never gonna leave you
i'm never gonna leave you
i love you"

A Boy :
"i know
, i know"

A Girl :
"dont ever leave me"

A Boy :
"i wont"

A Girl :
"dont ever leave me"

A Boy :
"i wont, i wont"

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