lower your eyelids to die with the sun

*slurping my Lady Grey Tea*

hey hey! it has been a long time since i really really write my blog. kinda feel like it, but kinda lazy too. so! what's up? what's up? :]

my final exams are 2 weeks away! i supposed to be all stressed out but i'm still laying around, smiling here and there, sleeping half day, sleep over at Aisha's and Jovan's place, filling out my blog with this. The fact that i know i'm slowing down in my studies and i don't even want to do all of my work and now i'm writing it down so you readers can know.. ha, how ironic. yep, that's me.. a lazy bum


maybe i'm superstitious, but everytime i dream about something serious i always think about that dream so much. Like, i want to know what it means. Well, i heard that if you dream about someone's dying that means that person will live a long life. It's just like the opposite of the dream. But, if you dream about someone from your past... can you say you miss them? or maybe unexpectedly, your whole body thinks about this particular someone and yourself is in denial?

I like dreams. Dreams are cool. Wait, what i mean was night dreaming... not about what do you want to be when you're grown up. Haha..

I wrote about dream before in my first blog. What brings me to wrote about this was pretty much the same as the old one. 'Cos of someone from my past.

....Who cares? hahhaha! Well, i care about every dream has its own meaning and i want to know every meaning of it. Is someone psychic? Call me and we have to meet! :9

Dreams often portray events which are impossible or unlikely in
physical reality, and are usually outside the control of the dreamer

Sometimes people make mistakes that they really really regrets and they want to go back to where they have made those mistakes. Unfortunately, time travel has not yet been discovered. So maybe saying sorry is a one step to ask for forgiveness? :(

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