[almost] The End of Spring Break

NnnnOooOoooooOOooO~~!!! my break's gonna be over soon! VERY VERY VERY (and again) VERY SOON! *sobs,sobs* and that means i need to redo all the drafts from my writing class and read B1 assignment from my design fundies course book. GAH! going back to reality, huh?

Well.. i think the couple of days before the break ends, i had such thrilling nites.. compared to the couple of days after the break started. Hahaha.. it was like my laziest time ever! Went to sleep around 4ish AM and then woke up around 4ish PM (nice! xP) So yeah, gonna have to start waking up early these days 'coz i scared that when the break's over and the class is starting, i havent wake up, hah! my bad habit.

And the very best (a.k.a worse.. what's more than worse?) time in this break is... DUDE! I GAIN MY WEIGHT BACK! TT_TT all the ice cream i ate before going to sleep because all the movie night i had, DAAAMMMNN YOOUUU ICE CREAAMM~!! (but i still bought two HÄAGEN-DAZS
yesterday, ohk.. such irony)

and then, and then, anndd thheeennnn (remember that line from 'Dude, Where's My Car?) yesterday i had this Indonesian traditional dance practice at KJRI and after practice we went to this.......ehem, Indian/Bangladeshi Restaurant at 1st Avenue between 5th & 6th Street (trust me, you'll know which place what I'm talking about). The place was so small and it was very very very PACKED! It was the hectiest place i've ever been! Even I can't talk and..gah, i was so speechless, huakakkaka! But yeah, we had fun! We sang Happy Birthday for Kiki's (fake) birthday so we can get free dessert a.k.a mango ice cream! yehey! AND I RECOMMEND YOU GUYS, THIS PLACE IS THE PLACE WHERE YOU WANT TO CELEBRATE YOUR BIRTHDAY *two thumbs up & two toes up*

Aisha & Me at the Restaurant - can you see those ornaments? GOD @_@

I'm hungry.. should i eat?

ta-ta ! x]

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